Week 52-OMG

OMG, I finished the 52 week challenge!

Week 52-OMG



Week 52a-OMG


Hope you enjoy this peahen and peacock.  Although I have tried to photograph these birds several times, they haven’t made it easy for me.  They love to feed in shaded areas and move their heads quickly as they feed.  It never fails that they display when I don’t have a camera or don’t have it out.  As soon as I am ready, there is no more displaying.

Enjoy the photos and thank you so much for viewing my pictures this year and sticking with me  with encouraging comments and Likes.  I couldn’t have done it without you!

Sue E. Sanborn

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Week 51-Toys

There are lots of items that could be use for this topic of toys.  My husband suggested that he pull out his lead soldiers that he played with as a child.  There are all kinds of children’s toys.  Men have the most toys though.  Below I have posted a few of the real old toys.

Week 51-Toys


These next two photos are of old irrigation heads.  I have never seen anything like this actually in use.  It looks like these were made from different gears and pullies to create an irrigation head.


Week 51-Toys2


Week 51-Toys3


Someone had to enjoy creating these two works of art.  That is why they call them toys!

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Week 49-Letters and Week 50- Downtown in B&W



These letters were found boldly displayed on the inside of this business’s building as a way to identify locations and give directions.  A perfect opportunity for me to use these for the letter theme.


Week 49-Letters




Week 49 Letters2

Week 49-Letters3


Downtown B&W

This is a Black & White photo was taken in downtown Bradenton.  Obviously, this wasn’t take from shooting in our overhead skies.  There is a bit of a twist to getting this shot.  A number of other photographers and myself were in the Bradenton planetarium, which is in downtown Bradenton.  It’s a picture of Saturn.  Well, several pictures of Saturn, in one shot.  For me, a bit of a challenge shooting in the dark, but still lots of fun.

Week 50 Downtown in B&W

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Week 47-Tell a Story and Week 48- In the Park

This photo I believe tells a wonderful story of family and feeding that the family.

Tell a Story


Week 47-Tell A Story


In the Park

This fawn jumped up for a few minutes before hiding again.  She will rest until the Mother picks her back up at the end of the day.


Week 48-In the Park

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Week-45 Mirror Image and Week 46- Straight out of the Camera

Mirror Image

The “Z” tree is one of the most  photographed trees in the Everglades National Park.  In fact I recently purchased an Everglades book where this tree was featured on the front cover.

Week 45- Mirrored Image


Straight Out of the Camera

It is always fun to photograph at Jungle Gardens.  At the same time it can be frustrating trying to find a good background for these birds.  There are a few places in the picture that I would prefer to cleanup to make this a better photograph.


Week 46-Straight out of the Camera

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Week- 43-Patriotism and 44-Loud Noises

Patriotism can be seen in many places, as well as displayed in different ways.  This truck was parked on the street in the Dominican Republic.

Week 42-Patriotism



Loud Noises

Some of you might have had a mother like mine who often said “Don’t slam the door!”

When this man awakes from his nap he will likely slam his car door before driving away.

Slamming car doors can be very loud, especially when it occurs in the woods or wilderness.  It often scares birds and wildlife before a word can be uttered.  Be aware of your actions.


Week 41-Loud Noises

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Week 41-Old Timer and Week 42-Mouthwatering

My goal for this 52 week challenge is to complete the challenge on time.  To accomplish this task, I have to double up two themes for the next three weeks.  To make this a bit easier for all of us, I won’t double post during the week, but include two topics in the one weekly post.

Thank you for sticking with me during this year  and providing some wonderful comments and likes.  It has been a very nice learning experience.


This first picture is an alligator that I photographed at The Alligator Farm in St. Augustine. If you have been there you know that don’t live alone, but have many pen mates.  Had to do some photoshopping to remove other gators from this photo.  They have some old time alligators there for sure.

Week 41-Old Timer

This  alligator photo below was taken from a boat on the Silver Springs River.  He clearly thought that he was going to get some food from us and soon became disappointed and swam away.  Maybe not so old, but old enough!


Week-41a-Old Timer



WEEK 42-Mouthwatering


This Anhinga had it’s mouth full for sure in it’s attempted to swallow this fish.  It’s mouth may have been watering, but it’s eyes were bigger than it’s mouth.  After struggling with this fish for more than 15 to 20 minutes, it finally gave up on trying to eat it.  It certainly must have been a disappointment.

Week 42-Mouthwatering

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